When it comes to skincare, many people only focus on their faces while leaving other parts unattended. Besides, the face, hands, and feet are the most exposed and need a careful routine to make them attractive, just like your face. Although they are not sensitive like your face but still need the care to stay healthy and beautiful.

Just moisturizing does not fulfil the need; you need to go through extra steps to nourish them and keep them looking young and smooth. You will find tons of skincare routines and remedies for your face and each skin type, but it’s rare to see for hands and feet as they are sometimes the neglected part of the body. Therefore, you need to take care of your hands and feet properly, so they look just as young, like your face.

Below we have the most helpful tips to make your hand and feet look attractive and beautiful. Follow these steps, daily or weekly, to keep the skin glowing and healthy.



Although hand and feet do not have sensitive skin If you want to make your hand and foot beautiful and smooth, then you should treat them gently. Regularly wash your hand with clean water and use good soap or fragrance-free hand wash. Do not neglect the area between fingers and under the nails as most particles stick there and cause diseases.

Also, avoid rubbing with a towel, either do it gently or use a clean t-shirt. Regularly wash your hands before and after having a meal, using the restroom, cooking or baking, cleaning your room, coughing or sneezing, using any stuff, etc., basically wash your hands whenever you do something which has a risk of germs. By washing regularly, you stay away from any virus and manage to keep your hands healthy.

Do not forget your feet when washing hands. When you come from outside, remove shoes, or go to bed, wash your feet thoroughly to keep them clean and fresh. Feet quickly develop a bad smell if kept unclean. Wash them with good soap, gently massage and scrub to clean every part. If your skin is healthy and clean, then it will automatically look beautiful.


Hydrate your skin because it makes your hand and feet look smooth and lively. According to a study, women need 11.5 cups or 2.7 liters of fluids, on average per day. Water is the primary source of fluid intake and keeps your body cell hydrated and healthy. By keeping your body fluid level balanced, you will notice changes in your skin as it becomes clear and smooth.

Limit the intake of soda drinks and coffee because their excess usage is dangerous for health. Instead, opt for a cup of green tea after a meal, it keeps your skin hydrated, cures skin diseases, and boosts your metabolism.


Sunscreen is vital for both our hands and feet, as it is important for your face. Sun emits UV rays that damage skin cells and darken our complexion. If you are stepping out, use a sunscreen that has SPF in it.

It protects you from ultraviolet rays and keeps your skin away from any harm. Apply a thin layer on your feet and hands before going out. Instead of buying expensive facial sunscreen, opt for body sunscreen.


A good moisturizer makes your hand and feet look beautiful and makes skin feel smooth. You should use a good moisturizer daily and apply twice a day. It doesn’t matter whether it’s summer or winter, add moisture to your daily routine. Careful when to pick a moisturizer, because some are not suitable for all skin types and weather. For skincare products, always choose which has no perfume in it.

It may smell good but not good for skin as it may develop an allergy. For a DIY moisturizer, mix glycerin with rose water and apply before going to bed, to your hands and feet to keep them soft in cold weather.

If you have cracked heels, add salt and petroleum jelly in lukewarm water, and dip your feet for 30 minutes. Next, clean your heels with a pumice stone, and you will see the satisfying result. Do not forget to apply night cream to your hands and feet before going to bed to keep them moisturized.


Along with caring for the skin, keep your nails healthy and good looking too to complete the look. If you have bad looking nails, then it makes your hands look ugly. Grow your nails to a decent size, cut them in nice shape, file them to keep the edges soft and rub petroleum jelly or castor oil.

Rub it with a cotton ball, and you will see shining and dazzling nails. If your nails are soft, then message them with olive oil to prevent them from breaking. Also, apply around cuticles to keep them moisturized and cut the excess dead cells with a special cutter. Avoid cutting your nails too short as it will look bad and hurt.



Nail-biting is common in all ages and gender. It happened due to any nervous situation, or some are habitual who do it unconsciously. No matter the cause, it is a bad habit and takes a long time to get rid of it. Regularly nail-biting makes your nails look ugly, and some bite it to the point of non-existence. Maintaining such nails is hard and makes your hands look ugly too.

Moreover, it is the cause of transferring bacteria to your mouth and the risk of infection. Avoid nail-biting at all costs and use some tips such as maintaining well-trimmed nails and use invisible nail polish because they have bad taste, and biting them will leave a weird taste in your mouth. Nail-biting is also due to stress, do some stress-reducing exercise to calm yourself.

Some suggested eating gum as a substitute for excessive biting or having a rubber band on your wrist, which you snap whenever you start to bite your nails, as a reminder to stop.


Exfoliation and scrubbing of hands and feet must be a part of your skincare. Exfoliation cleans your pores, and scrubbing removes your dead skin and dirt from hand and foot, making your complexion lighter and skin clearer. Either do it separately or while showering, use a good exfoliating agent and massage it over your hands and feet.

After doing it for 10 minutes, rinse it thoroughly and then use a scrub. Try to use fruit flavour scrubs and rub it on your skin. Cover each area, between fingers, under nails, heels, etc. Use a foot file or Pumice stone for your heels and scrub vigorously. Wash your hand and feet properly and apply a bit of moisturizer.


 For foot care, always use right size shoes and avoid going barefoot. By wearing ill-fitted shoes, your nails curve inwards and dig into surrounding flesh, making it painful. Always cut your nails on time and do not wear shoes that are too tight that cause erosion and also calluses. Calluses are thickened skin around heels and are common for people who walk a lot and do not wear the right size shoe.

It takes regular exfoliation and moisturizing to get rid of calluses, and you should treat it weekly to remove it fully. Wash your feet with warm water, use a mild cleanser, rub your feet with loofah or sone and lastly, apply moisturizer. Keep your feet dry and apply some foot powder to keep them fresh and away from bad odour.


Smelly feet and fungal infections are common in hot weather. Use some talcum powder before wearing socks with your boots and change them daily to avoid developing smell. Use cotton socks instead of nylon, and in winter, use woollen socks. Weekly clean your shoes and put a green tea bag in it.

It helps in getting rid of bad smell and avoid any risk of infecting bacteria. When you come home, wash your feet with a good soap or dip it in warm water infused with black tea or green tea bags because tannin is present in it, which kills bacteria. Pat them dry gently and fully.

Don’t let your feet wet for a longer time. Treat them gently and use foot powder to make them smell good. Feet often smell due to catching bacteria, avoid going barefoot to places with high chances of germs.


Although it is good to keep your hands and feet healthy and beautiful at home with home remedies or good products by yourself, you should treat yourself once in a while. Go to a salon and get yourself a manicure and pedicure. Let professionals handle your skin and bring it to life.

It is a must to go for mani and Pedi when you have an important event to attend as your hands and feet should look equally as beautiful as your face. Beauticians work thoroughly on your hands and feet with the best products to make them look healthy and beautiful.



Your health is as important as your outer self, so do not skip your meals and maintain a healthy diet to keep your hands and feet young and beautiful. Daily, eat a full meal loaded with each nutrient your body needs. Especially for skin, take diets full of Vitamin C, B and E, and proteins. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. For a balanced diet, eat meat weekly.

Avoid sugary treats and soft drinks consumption in excess as they are bad for your skin. Make a habit of drinking green tea after lunch, but do not drink it after dinner as it has caffeine and can cause insomnia. Green tea is excellent for your metabolism, organs, and skin, making you look young and healthy.


At night, regular hand and feet massage is a must. It relaxes your tired muscles, keeps the blood flowing, prevents wrinkles, and makes it look youthful. Apply a bit of night cream and gently massage each muscle of your hand and feet for at least 20-25 minutes and let the moisture set in.

You can either use vaseline if your hands are dry or use some oil if you have pain in your muscles. Moreover, knitting and light exercise are also good for you because they help keep the blood moving and keep your cells healthy.


There are several homemade or DIY masks that you can use to make your hands and feet pretty and smooth. Use a mixture of two tablespoon besan (gram flour), one tablespoon of milk and lemon juice, and apply it on your feet and hands to get rid of tan and make your skiing soft.

A mixture of three teaspoons of curd, one teaspoon of turmeric, and two teaspoons of besan is also beneficial for your skin. Let it on your skin until hard dry, then rinse with cold water. Mix lemon and glycerin, and store it in a bottle. Apply it before going to bed or in the morning before taking a shower. Gently massage it on your hands and feet and let it sit for a few minutes. It will make your skin smooth and shiny.

If your hands and feet are exposed to summer heat, apply a paste of peppermint tea. It helps heal your skin and increase blood circulation, resulting in healthy skin.

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